Self-imposed fears

I believe there are no limits on the amount of fears your psyche can produce. Absolutely none. I have found that I can be perfectly safe, in a perfectly happy family, with no foreseeable fears in future, and yet, I still carry a laundry list of fears. Fear has been a running theme for meContinue reading “Self-imposed fears”

a trip down memory lane.

(That photo, above, is right after my first psychotic breakdown, 2016; and right before I lost myself in an eating disorder that plagued my mind, 2017.) My name is Bri W. and I’m a life-aholic. And by that, what I mean is, I have tried to squeeze every ounce of life out of my 28.5Continue reading “a trip down memory lane.”

7+/10 day yesterday at Sprouts

My therapist told me the other week that I should start grading my moods, to make sure I’m not getting manic. I thought that was a ridiculous idea at the time, but I’m liking the idea of sharing here. I had a pretty good day yesterday. I took two friends to church who I cannotContinue reading “7+/10 day yesterday at Sprouts”