Because I’m rebellious I’m going to

Because I’m rebellious I’m going to

Establish my Self on here as two beings

my lower case self, AKA the ego, that wants to be “tiktok” famous and run the world, as a Jesus Christ reincarnated being (I have a diagnosis of bipolar and struggle with this when I’m manic) status.

My Higher Case Self, AKA my Soul or Higher Power, wants no such thing. My Higher Self wants me to be free to express myself in my Joy, Love, Presence, Power, and Commitment to God. My Higher Case Self, AKA my Soul, wants me to be free

I think I’ll begin writing through both “CAPITALS” and “lower case” to establish the difference between the two “voices” in my head – one might describe the first as Unconditional Love, and the second as ego, delusion or illusion, or the conditioned past that controls your present- if you let it!


There are so many exciting things that are coming up in life for me!


None of which that I want to be a part of…


I am so excited to get to be working again


….Well now I’m not free to ruminate on how shitty my life is and I LOVE complaining about my life. It’s my favorite pastime. I love complaining about all the bad things that have happened to me


…Well I am SO grateful for everyone in my life and THAT is something I should express more! I can’t wait for everyone to see how well I’m doing when I see them next! There are so many fun things to discuss now that I’m not in my dark night of the soul!


Everyone judges me


There are so many people who have my back and want to help me do better!


OH! And I get to share my fundraiser on this webpage The Webbie Team Page. If you’re reading this and want to share your monies with an AMAZING nonprofit, NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness, it will help me reach my fundraising goal of $1,000! (: Read my story at the link above! Check it out!


No one’s going to donate, because no one really likes you, and people are getting bored now reading your dialogue


I love myself unconditionally. This blog is going to be so much fun to continue writing about as I get healthier and healthier! I can’t wait to grow stronger in my identity as a child of Christ, an angelic being of Light, a person who loves myself unconditionally!

***Thank you so much for reading my dialogue and empathizing with the internal struggle I constantly battle…Good news, my soul is winning! Love to all!

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4 responses to “Because I’m rebellious I’m going to”

  1. Roni Kobel says:

    I’m glad to hear that your soul is winning! Even when your ego temporarily takes control, I love that you can recognize the difference and know that your soul is the REAL you! Definitely not bored reading your dialogue. XXXOOO

    Liked by 1 person

  2. pegsterweb says:

    Your Soul is shining through, even when the ego thinks it’s in charge. You are beautiful and are shining God’s light. And, I see you are soooo close to reaching your NAMI fundraising goal! Only 12% away from your goal. Thank you for doing that and helping to make a difference in people’s lives! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

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