I love the night

I love the night because it is still. Still with the calm awareness that there is an incessant hum of the universe. Yet alive with the life that awakens with the night.

Unrealized dreams run rampant. Lost souls yearn to awaken. Egos fall to the ground as the mind softens with the falling sun; the unconditional love that courses all living beings peeks its shy nose around the corner, sniffing the air for signs of danger.

for unrequited love.

And then, with the rising sun it falls to its slumber, resting with the nests of dreams that have been put to bed long ago.

And so the soul slumbers on, awaiting the day that night will bring and awakening that does not cease when the night turns to day.

As too, do the souls of the past who long to once again march through these stormy winds called Earth, traversing the mountain tops and the valleys alike, praying that they might return in human form to learn their lessons – let us be grateful for this day

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