9 Reasons I believe it when Gabby Bernstein says “The Universe has your back”


Full disclosure, I don’t know Gabrielle Bernstein personally, but it sure can feel like I do…she speaks with such eloquence and in Truths where I identify.

As someone who struggles with my mind and polarized thinking (I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder), she has plenty of advice on how to shed the egoic delusion and remember your spiritual identity, which I call Presence.

Here’s a list of Gabby quotes that I resonate:

  1. In her ‘The Universe has your back’ card deck, I recently pulled a card that says, “Happiness is my birthright.” In this simple sentence she asserts that we are designed to simply be happy, in all assuredness, she states, it is our DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT!
  2. In a YouTube video discussing challenges, she states the importance of having strong spiritual roots, “…so we can let our intuition show us what to do…” Gabby speaks with such eloquence it feels like my heart is dancing when I read or listen to her words.
  3. She continues on in saying, “The self that we used to know must be alchemized, must be transformed…” when discussing the identity crisis a spiritual transformation creates. We are designed to grow, to become, to surrender to our Higher Power…but letting go of our former self is impossibly difficult without God, and without affirmative quotes such as these.
  4. And another one… “And being okay with not knowing who you are now, because the ‘who you are now’ has to change, has to alchemize…” Cultivating awareness that it is okay to sit in uncertainty was huge for me…this quote by Gabby Bernstein (video link below) helps to affirm that.
  5. She also states specific ways to assist the spiritual transformation, such as “…saying specific prayers daily. Saying, “Show me who I can be today.”” She continues to legitimize the divine birthright every single one of us has, that we need to remember who we truly are…Presence and Unconditional Love
  6. Gabby continues in her videos on her YouTube channel to discuss pragmatic challenges such as feelings of unworthiness. She says, “If you have a habit of believing you’re not worthy, you can replace the habit with saying, “It’s my responsibility.”” This has been a bad habit of mine, as I have leaned on my diagnosis of bipolar disorder as a crutch to victimize myself in the face of uncertainty. And although I believe and can attest to the very real challenges of bipolar disorder, I can also attest that internalizing the diagnosis as who I am was a huge hindrance to my spiritual growth.
  7. She states practical ways to transcend these dysfunctional ways of thinking, specifically, “It’s in the practice of the new habits, that the old habits become undone.” In my experience with therapy, I have been taught to sit in the seat of awareness and simply ‘watch the manic/depressive thoughts without interference and with non-judgment’. However, I have found that replacing dysfunctional, dualistic thoughts with non-dualistic/holistic thoughts such as “I love myself,” to be much more beneficial than given the task of witnessing without replacing the thought (or old habit).
  8. In another excellent manifestation, she states, “My ability to receive is measured by how much I practice good feeling thoughts.” This aligns so well with her practice above with replacing old habits/thinking patterns, as garnering positive thoughts like watering flowers in a garden allows the good you and I deserve to radiate forth.
  9. And finally, for the best, she affirms to us that “Oneness is my true nature”. As my spiritual mentor states, “…to see through the eyes of love” is to see the oneness in creation. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, as has been quoted by so many great spiritual teachers.

I feel so blessed to be living at this time on the planet, aside from the unrest and dishevelment that accompanies radical change in the collective, we are here to uplift, encourage, and see the oneness that transcends rational thought.


3 responses to “9 Reasons I believe it when Gabby Bernstein says “The Universe has your back””

  1. Roni says:

    You’re an amazing writer! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. pegsterweb says:

    Oh my gosh! This is fantastic! There is so much profound truth in what you share so eloquently. I’ll bet Gabby Bernstein would LOVE to read this blog post.


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