Spirit talks

Throughout my life I have experienced God realizations in little, bite-sized doses.

For example, I was about 8 years old when I went outside to grab something out of our car; not realizing the door would be locked, I was filled with rage at the prospect of having to go back inside the house to get the keys. It was in this moment that I asked, if God was real, to allow me to open the van door. I went to slide open our van’s door, and it miraculously swung open without resistance. This was my first experience witnessing God consciousness.

Realizing in that moment that I had the power to either trust or deny God, I have strived to follow Him ever since.

The past week has been incredibly memorable for me, as it has taken everything I have strived to embody internally- and manifested it externally. Specifically through my next career steps.

I am so excited to say that I will be pursuing Reiki healing, Yoga teaching, and Unity of Tustin. Spirit has yet to reveal to me how these three will manifest together, but I feel trusting in the power of Universal Consciousness and that manifestation externally will continue to grow.

As Gabrielle Bernstein, a popular spiritual teacher say, “When I lean on the faith of the universe, peace becomes real.”

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